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Tetra Pond Food Sticks Bucket 10L + 1L Multimix Free

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G TEWF2050

TetraPond Food Sticks Bucket- food for a wholesome and biologically balanced nutrition for your fish TetraPond Food Sticks contain all essential nutrients, roughage and anabolic matter, vitamins and trace elements that your pond dwellers require. The floating sticks are easy to eat and promote high digestibility while leading to low water contamination and improved water quality with stabilized vitamin C. TetraPond Food Sticks with the patented BioActive formula are ideal as daily nutrition for all pond fish. Advantages of the high-quality resealable plastic bag: Sealing mechanism enables the bag to be opened and resealed easily and securely The positioning of the slider creates the widest possible opening in the bag The material protects the food from light (UV), air and moisture The food is kept fresh All vital substances, trace elements, vitamins and taste are preserved Maximum stability due to its stable bottom Practical handle for transport

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