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Pond Liner

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Firestone Aqualast Liners Standard Sizes

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Firstone Aqualast Pond Liners Custom Sizes

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 How To Work Out Pond Liner Sizes.


The simplest way is to get a long piece of rope and lay it in the pond from end to end so that there is 12 inches to 18 inches sticking out at each end (this is the allowance for the overlap of the liner).

You then lay the rope or you could use a hose pipe across the middle of the pond at the widest point making sure as before that the piece of rope or pipe goes down into the pond following the contours that the liner is going to take and again allowing overlap. If you are measuring in metres, then the overlap would be a bout half a metre at each end.

The measurements that you now have are the size of liner to order.

The other way is to measure across the pond at the longest and the widest point ( tape measure should be tight not following contours of pond) and then measure the depth of the pond. The two measurements for the pond liner are then worked out as below.

Width + double the depth + overlap

Length + double the depth +overlap

So for a pond that is say 8 feet long and 6 feet wide and 2 feet deep with an overlap of 1 foot all round, the calculation is below.

Length of liner = 8 + 4 + 2 = 14 feet

Width of liner   = 6 + 4 +2 = 12 feet 


Pond Liner Types explained.


     There are basically three types of liner, They are all UV stabilised to protect them from going brittle and cracking in sun light and like Henry Ford said in the Thirties, “you can have any colour you want as long as its Black”.

   PVC Liner or poly vinyl chloride is the basic pond liner material. There are cheaper liners on the market that are sometimes called 3 ply and names like this. These are really not proper pond liners and will not last. Even if you are choosing the entry level pvc liner that we sell, you still want to know that its going to last. You don’t want to be removing the fish in a panic, a few years down the line with a leak or roots growing through the side of the pond.

We sell two grades of PVC liner 0.30 mm  that has a 15 year guarantee and 0.50 mm liner that has a lifetime guarantee.

   Firestone EPDM Rubber Liner (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a man made rubber material that is better and more rot proof than the butyl rubber liners that have been so popular for making Garden Ponds in the past. We sell Gordon Low Firestone epdm liners. They are 1.00 mm thick and very flexible being easily able to stretch to the contours of even the most unusually shapes garden ponds. Here at Norbreck Aquatics we sell it in many sizes starting at 6 ft wide and going up to 50 foot wide in 2 foot increments and up to 100 foot in length.

     SealEco Butyl Rubber Pond Liner.  This liner comes in 0.75 mm thick and is a synthetic rubber membrane with exceptional physical properties that makes it the ideal lining for ponds, lakes, lagoons, streams and waterfalls. Unfirtunately Butyl rubber polymer prices have risen very quickly over the past few years that has , limited its economical application for lining ponds that need a large surface area of material. It is still ecomnimical to use for the smaller garden pond applications.

    Pond Liner Underlay.


The underlay that we supply here at Nobreck Aquatics is a polypropylene geotextile  that is superior and non-woven, mechanically bonded, and needle-punched, we sell it in two thicknesses Pond Grade (150-180gsm) and Heavy Duty (250-260gsm). We recommend using it under all our pond liners to prevent any stones, roots or sharp oblects penetrating the membrane when the weight of the water in the pond forces the liner at great pressure against the sides of the soil.

   Pond Liner Complete ponds.


We sell a range of ponds that come complete with liner, frame, pond pump, fountain ( with light) filter and some have UV combined as well. These ponds are easy to assemble and can be situated anywhere in the garden or can go on the patio. There is no need to dig a hole as they are self supporting. They even have windows in them so that you can view your pond fish from the side as well as the top.


   Pond Waterfalls


Although these are strictly speaking not a pond liner it seemed appropriate to include them in this section as people often buy them when they purchase the liner. The pond will need filtering to keep the water ckear so that you can see the fish which necessitates buying a pump as well. The pump goes in the pond and pumps the water to the filter which is situated outside the pond. The water is filtered and then comes back to the pond. Now it can of course just come nack to the pond via a hase pipe from the filter but much better if it comes back via a waterfall  which not only lookd attractive but also lends a tranquil feel to the garden by the sound of gently running water. Here at Norbreck Nurseries we sell two types of waterfall and streams, one made from PVC and a more expensive one made from Resin.


Other Types of Pond Lining and Pond Construction.


     Concrete pond lining. This is a more specialist type of pond construction with the concrete having to be treated to stop lime coming out and killing the fish. The concrete has to be specially reinforced to stop it cracking under pressure when hot summers cause the ground around to shrink away and leave the concrete bowl, sort of free standing with no ground support. Therefore although we sell the G4 coating material to seal the concrete and make it waterproof as well as sealing the lime, we don’t actually recommend this method of pond construction.

     Preformed Pond Liners. These are made from PVC and the better ones in fibre glass. We sell the cheaper ones in our Norbreck Nurseries retail shop in Blackpool but because of their bulk, they do not lend themselves to internet delivery. They tend to be smaller and more expensive that garden pond construction from pond liners.