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Algarde Syphon Set
£7.99   £7.19

The Algarde Syphoning Set is a one piece, bulb and large bore hose for emptying and cleaning aquariums and transferring liquids. Rigid bend fixes over side...

Airline Connectors
£1.79   £1.34

Airline Connectors (6 pack) Airline connectors can be used to join airline together and to help keep your aquarium set up neat and tidy. Supplied is 2...

Airline clips and suckers can be used to attch airline to the tank glass, keeping a neat and tidy fish tank. 3 per pack

Single airline vlaves are used to regulate the flow of air and can be inserted anywhere along the airline tubing in a convenient possition.

2 Way Gang Valve
£1.99   £1.49

The gang valve is used to take one airline and split it into two outelts, with flow regulators on each outlet. Comes with a sticky pad to attach it to the...