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Juwel Standard Filter Media

£3.75 £3.38
These are the initial mechanical filter media and sit on top of the sponges. They should be changed as soon as the flow through the filter  is seen to...

£10.75 £9.14
These filter sponges remove harmful waste products from the aquarium. They also remove cures so these carbon pads should be removed from the filter if you...

£5.65 £5.09
This is the second of the biological sponges. Should be treated the same as the course sponge.

£5.65 £5.09
This is the first stage of the biological filter media. This sponge should be cleaned out out when the white pads are replaced. They should be cleaned in...

£7.95 £7.16
This product effectively removes nitrate from your aquarium therefore dramatically improving conditions for both fish and plant. Less nitrates means less...

£10.75 £9.14
Juwel Cirax Bioflow Standard special filter medium for Juwel's  standard,  filter system.  The Juwel Cirax Bioflow is a filter medium made of...

£10.75 £9.14
For removing phosphates  from the aquarium the juwel phorax. Phosphates come free in our tap water courtesy of your local water supplier. Unfortunately...