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Pond Pumps

Selling pond Pumps for 40 years, we recon we know a bit about the job. We have carefully selected a range of pumps that offer real value for money and as we price check on a daily basis we also recon that our prices cant be beat. Ring 01253353344 if you find any of the pumps we sell cheaper elswhere.
The price of electricity is rising all the time and the larger manufacturers of pond pumps have developed newer more efficient pumps that cost less to run, a lot of these have the ECO prefix short for economical and we have listed the wattage of all the pumps we sell.

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Electrical Supply To Pond Pumps.


The pond pump that you choose will almost certainly need an electrical supply. Solar pumps of course do not but we mainly sell pond pumps for people that have garden ponds with fish in them and in our experience the solar pumps only operate with a small flow of water and are not suitable for the needs of the average pond keeper. Most of the pumps we sell come with 10 metres of cable and as the need to be switched off for cleanng etc, we recommend that the are wired from a garden switch box.  The other electrics that a pond needs are for the Ultraviolet light that is fitted in the pond filters, air pumps ( the need for which is explained further down the page,), pond lights, garden lights and possibly an outside socket for pluging in a pond vacuum cleaner. To this end we sell garden pond electrical switch boxes, with 2, 3, 4 or 5 switches. It is wise to plan ahead so that you buy a box big enough for the future needs of your garden pond. For safety reasons it is good to fit the feed to the electrical swich box from a good quality ciequit breaker. The Blagdon cirquit breaker is a good example of ths a very reasonable price.


Positioning the pump.


If the pump is just being used for a fountain, then the obvious place is in the middle of the pond, adjusting the height of the fountain so that when its windy, its not emptying the pond onto the lawn.

When the pump is being used to transfer the water from the pond to the filter then a number of things need to be taken into consideration. The pump needs to go as far away from where the water comes back into the pond, to ensure that the cleaned water is distributed throughout the pond and that all the pond water gets filtered. If a fountain is to be run as well, then clearly a compromise must be reached but the fountain will of course help to distribute the water to a certain extent. If the pump is being used dry, that is to say out of the pond then it’s the position of the water intake that is important, not the pump.

Ideally the pump should not be placed on the bottom of the pond wherever it is situated. This is primarily for safety reasons so that if there is a problem with the filter overflowing or a pipe splitting, the pond will not empty through the filter. The pump will only pump done to where it is sat. There will still then be some water for the fish to survive in until you rescue them. Some koi keepers are of the opinion that cleaner water from a higher point in the pond should be filtered and this should mainly be filtered biologically whilst the heavy sediment and fish droppings should be either vacuumed out or run to drain via a bottom sump.


Choosing The Size of Pond Pump.


If as the majority of people you wish to use the pond pump as a way of feeding the pond filter, then you need to work out first the size of the pond in litres. This is an easy sum to do. Measure the pond dimensions, average length in metres x average width in metres x average depth in metres and multiply by 1000.

Now for the average pond, the filter manufacturers say that the whole pond should go through the filter in two hours, whilst people that have koi in their ponds, the water should go through the filter every hour.

 The majority of the pond pumps that we sell quote the pump number as the maximum flow of the pump. This usually means at no head through quite a big size pipe. The flow of a pump drops as the pipe size drops and the flow also drops as the height pumped increases. The maximum head of a pump that is quoted on a lot of pumps is that above that height the pump is pumping nothing. It therefore follows that the height of the filter (above the surface of the pond) has to be taken into consideration.

The type of filter to be used also influences the type of pump to chose. Pressure filters will need a more powerful pump because as the filter blocks up the flow will start to drop and the filter flow that has a  pump with less power will soon be reduced to a trickle.

Fortunately when a filter is chosen, we will often recommend pumps that are ideal for that filter. Even better we offer filer pump kits where notv only do we recommend the correct pump for that filter but there can be up to a 10% discount buying the kit than buying the items separately.


The Importance of Pond Air Pumps.


Air pumps are fitted to Garden Ponds for a number of reasons. The first one is that the bubbles produced look and sound good.

The second one is that the fish require oxygen in the water in order to survive but a good oxygen content in the water helps nutrition, colour and growth as well.

The third reason is by far the most important one. The filter needs oxygenated water in order to work. The two types of bacteria that work the nitrifying process both use copious amounts of oxygen.

In the first process the very harmful ammonia produced by the fish is converted into the less harmful nitrites by the replacement of all three hydrogens that the ammonia has with oxygen. It also adds oxygen onto the hydrogens to produce water.

The second lot of bacteria then add another oxygen onto the nitrites to make more stable nitrates.

With both the fish and the filter taking oxygen out of the water, its basic common sense to put it back and we sell a good range of pond air pumps all at very heavily discounted prices to do just that.