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Norbreck Aquatics Logo & Telephone Number

About our company

 Norbreck Aquatics in Blackpool was established by the Present Owners Barry and Wendy in 1973. Their two sons Gary and Lee came into the business striaght from school so they have grown up with fish and now its their livlyhood as well. Presntly we also have Nick who helps organise the running of the retail part of the business with Wilf and Tom on sales. James has an inbetween job helping to run the stores, packing and sales at weekends. Barry is still responsable for the websites.

Norbreck Aquatics sells a wide selection of Tropical, Marine and Pond Fish from their premises at 22 Shirley Crescent, Blackpool, FY20AA. opening 362 days of the year and closing only  for Xmas day, Boxing Day and New Years day. They import fish from all over the world through Manchester airport every Wednsday.They stock a wide range of dry goods that because of space cannot all be desplayed except on this website. There are also a lot of products available quickly as they have deliveries every day.

They were the first Aquatics firms to sell over the internet when they started in 1999. All the products on this site are discounted, some up to 60% off Retail price. We encourage people to shop on line ( at omnline prices), order on line and pay and pick up in shop.