Blagdon Midi 14000 Pond Filters

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Blagdon 24 Watt 5 stage 14000 litre midi pond filter. Midi pond watergarden filteration systems offer sophisticated professional pond technology in a flexible, easy to use package. The unique seven stagefilteration process has been specifically created to provide a beautifully clear and healthy pond, with minimum of maintenance. The 14,000 midi pond filter comes comlpete with a built in 24watt T5 uv and is suitable for 14,000 ltr / 3000 gallon ponds. maximum recommended flow rate; 5000lh / 1100gph It comes with multi fit hosetail inlets 3/4"-1"-1 1/4"-1 1/2" & 4 x 1 1/2" outlets. Venturi aeration chamber. The media consists of : a stainless steel hydroscreen prefilter. Blagdon professional ceramic bio media. three layers of foam. 1 polymer wool pad and 1 carbon impregnated foam.

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